We started with a script review and brainstorming session where we threw around ideas for a story to showcase the product. We then took the best of those ideas and turned them into a storyboard and animatic. This allowed us to figure out timing and staging for scenes, as well as  informed us on what assets we needed to create.
With this video, we updated our design sensibilities. We went with a cleaner, more simplified look, while keeping our Opytm flair. This required creation of all new backgrounds and props, as well as some fun Easter Eggs.
Just like with our backgrounds and props, our style change required us to have more simplified characters and to make new character rigs. Using the Duik Bassel plugin created by Rainbox, we took our character illustrations to the next level and turned them into fully articulated puppets. These puppets included swap drawings for the characters’ hands, mouths and eyes. 
The Sky Suite Mandala design draws inspiration from several sources, including the Golden Ratio, the Golden Spiral, Sacred Geometry, orreries and, of course, mandalas. It is one of several mandalas, each specific to a different industry. The Sky Suite Mandala is specific to the air transportation industry, and includes people traveling through airport security, their luggage, and the planes that transport them. The main shape is a hexagon, which reflects the 6 different Sky Suite applications.
The initial mandala was created using Illustrator and Photoshop, and the animated version was recreated in After Effects. The designer and the animators worked closely with each other to make sure both mandalas matched.
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