Hey, I'm Chris. I'm a Graphic Designer, with skills in illustration, and photography. Before studying and pursuing Graphic Design, I studied Fine Arts, and Philosophy.

When I first started college I was very interested in studio art, especially painting. I pursued an AA in studio art, but during my last semester I took Informal Logic and fell in love with Philosophy.

I changed my major to Philosophy.

While studying Philosophy, I found that I still had a strong desire to paint and be creative; however, it's not easy to paint in a tiny apartment without covering everything in paint. I made the switch to a digital canvas. I picked up a cheap pen and tablet from Monoprice and began painting immediately.

After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, I decided to combine my new skills in critical thinking with my passion to create. I began studying Graphic Design.
I graduated in 2017 with my Graphic Design Technology degree.
My work has been featured in the 2017 Santa Fe College Student Exhibition, for which I created the official event poster. At the event I was awarded with First Place in Communication & Advertising for White Mountain, First Place in Poster Design for the Domestic Violence Awareness Poster Campaign, and First Place in Computer Illustration for the official event poster.